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Nest: A progressive Node.js framework for building efficient, reliable and scalable server-side applications

Do you like Angular 2+ ?
Do you like Nodejs ?
Do you like using the angular syntax at server side ?
Do you like extensible attribute ?
Do you like versatile attribute ?
Do you like the progressive attribute ?

Nest is the best choose for you.
Nest is a progressive Node.js framework for building efficient, reliable and scalable server-side applications.
Nest is an MIT-licensed open-source project.



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Docker: The world’s leading software containerization platform

I am a Windows user. I am a .net developer also. A beautiful day, I try to make a small project with Memcache. But the Memcache system need to be deploy on Linux OS. I can using virtual machine to deploy it with a lot of to do item, so boring. I feel lazy.

I just think about Docker – containerization platform. Awesome, I install Docker, pull the Memcache image from Docker Store, run it as container and … every thing is ready for me. I try with many other image and there are work properly. I have a new way when work cross OS.

I recommend you should try to use Docker (or Kubernetes) and feeling happy with it.



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Authorization with User Role and Associate Permissions

I saw many application apply authorization by the way: create many type of user, verify the user type when the feature is executed.

What happen if application have a new user type ? Go through all of the features and edit source code to update the list of valid user type.

How can we make the life more simple? Create user type and associate feature permission with each type. So we have:

  1. User Type 1
    • Feature A: Enable
    • Feature B: Disable
    • Feature C: Enable
  2. User Type 2
    • Feature A: Disable
    • Feature B: Enable
    • Feature C: Enable

Application will verify the user have permission on that feature via the list of permission. Application can add new whatever user type and just config for the permission only without modify any old code.

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Central Authentication Domain

How does many web site your company have? Each site, user maybe using difference password (sometime username also) and remember the link. Some people require SSO and software department implement that. They made an Auth API, call this API for authentication and implement the same boring feature for many sites.

Why don’t you make a separate site for authentication only ? The main site will redirect to authentication site when user not yet login. After user login success (support Oauth2 also), main site will be callback to the main site with a token and using it in whole session. We can make many other sites and using one Auth only.

Reference from OAuth0

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Print preview: html or pdf ?

A long time ago, my team was assigned new User Story what is called print preview. At scratch we think that the function is so easy. But, at the end of the sprint we couldn’t complete this feature.

We fail because the solution  print preview with html + CSS  couldn’t support the rich layout as customer expected. We just think that the print preview is normal, many platform did that before, CSS for print is powerful to make rich layout. But in actual CSS for print so poor and many style cannot apply.

After that, we switch to server side rendering solution: convert the page to pdf and anything is good.

Print Preview

Did you have another case study for print preview ?